Pryor Herd

Established in 1968, the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range was the first herd management area ever created. Currently over 38,000 acres, the range straddles the border of Wyoming and Montana. In the fall of 2012, the BLM chose to gather these horses by bait trapping, a less stressful method of removal, rather than the more common helicopter roundups. Legacy was asked to step in to provide sanctuary on the east coast for those who were not bid on. One of the mares, Kelly, arrived at LMP pregnant. Her pregnancy and birth was featured on the live streaming webcam donated by MareStare. Her son, Cloud’s National Legacy, aka Nation, was born on March 26, 2013. This group quickly became known as the VA Pryor 9+1. Three of these horses are privately owned, while the others will continue to serve as ambassadors in outreach and educational programs, teaching countless visitors and students the true nature of the horse.

Also taking up residence with the Pryors is Ranger, a domestic pony. Ranger was initially brought in to be a kid pony. He didn’t particularly care for that job, so he was put with the Sanctuary Herd. They didn’t care for him, so we tried him with the Pryors where he found a home and an occupation. He became the “band stallion” as a gelding, leading and protecting them wherever they go and letting them know daily that people are a safe part of the environment at LMP.

The horses of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range can be seen in the Cloud documentaries filmed by Emmy award winning filmmaker Ginger Kathrens.

Nation, colt, born March 26, 2013
                                 Kelly and Nation

Kelly, mare, born 2010

Absarokee, gelding, born 2010

Adelina, mare, born 2009

Lily, mare, born 2011

Lady Jane, mare, born 2010

Jill, mare, born 2009


Ranger, honorary mustang, gelding, born approx. 2004

Photos courtesy of Deb Little