Welcome to Legacy Mustang Preservation!

Welcome to Legacy Mustang Preservation’s new website. Please take a moment to be introduced to our mission and purpose while gaining an understanding of the need faced by a truly American icon.

The American Mustang is the subject of potentially more controversy than any other species on the planet. The vast majority of us agreed to save the whales, protect the manatees, and stop the fur trade out of the goodness of our hearts. The Mustang, however, is viewed as an icon by some and a rodent by others. The resulting controversy is the source of activism, protest, bureaucracy, and profiteering by many who are concerned about the animal, concerned about themselves, protecting their personal livelihood, or promoting a personal agenda. The issue has become one of national discussion and debate, with news stories, magazine articles, blogs, and speeches available at every turn. As yet, society has made rational and irrational attempts at solving the problem as a whole, with one side crying for freedom for all wild horses, with the other fine with wholesale slaughter and the elimination of the horse from the land.

Every issue needs a champion. Every side needs a voice. No one is wrong in any way for expressing his or her opinion. Our country is founded on the right to debate perceptions of morality. You may agree or disagree with whatever you want. Our intention is not to solve any big issue absolutely. Our purpose is not in self promotion or in arguing any grand political point. Our purpose lies in service. It is the result of the exposure to, experience with, and labor involving the American Mustang.

The majority see the politics. We see the horses themselves, the individual soul that stands in a holding facility with no family, no purpose, and no future…

This is about biology, psychology, relationships, and choices. It is a journey and a philosophy based in fact, using sound science and current veterinary research as to the benefits of keeping horses in a natural state. This is not intended to sway your opinion to one way of thinking. In the process, however, we hope some who experience the mustang find themselves changed as a result.

We want to effect a different kind of change. We want people to separate fact from opinion in the absence of a great deal of bias. We want to pass on hard earned knowledge and translate it to the public in a way that is neither arrogant nor self-serving. We, as stewards of these horses, are different as a result of a meaningful experience, and we want the world to share the experience with us. We want to do what we do with the horse at the forefront, thereby improving every set of equine or human eyes that view what we do.

Politics have become divisive and dishonest. As a result, people have become guarded and protective. Just a little time spent in the presence of a mustang can give back some of the peace and harmony that exists in a world absent of human flaws. They are injured souls that have been forcefully removed from home and family by no choice of their own. Their primary desire is peace and a life that can give them a sense of purpose and intention. We have been amazed to watch groups form in our pastures resembling the family groups in the wild. Even as all the males are gelded, the games and competition for mates occurs on a daily basis. We truly believe that increased awareness, particularly in the Eastern United States, is the key to finding a solution for a growing national concern.

Legacy Mustang Preservation will place all of its efforts toward raising awareness by allowing anyone who feels the urge to not only see and experience wild horses, but to take in the peace that they bring, learn about the future they face, and partake in the message they send to all that encounter them. We feel we have been called to serve the needs of these horses. We truly value each and every human experience that results.

Thank you for reading and welcome to Legacy Mustang Preservation.

( Photograph by: KC Photography )

5 Replies to "Welcome to Legacy Mustang Preservation!"

  • Kim
    May 26, 2013 (11:03 pm)

    Hey guys! The website looks amazing and I can’t wait to see more in the future:) Here’s my website for reference–I’ll be putting up a lot of old pictures and some new ones on there.

    • Lavaun Mackey
      January 27, 2014 (9:56 pm)

      Hi Kim
      My name is Lavaun & I am from Minot, ND. I love the photo of the band of horses on this page Is this photo available on a large canvas or print to be framed ? I would love to have it to display on a large wall in my living room
      The photo is beautiful to say the least Thank you.

      • Christina Flint
        January 28, 2014 (8:33 pm)

        Hi Lavaun, I will get in touch with Kim and let her know you are requesting the picture.

  • Jamie Dodson
    May 30, 2013 (7:08 pm)

    Kim- things are crazy here but thank you for allowing us to use this beautiful picture. good times!

  • Kim
    May 30, 2013 (11:22 pm)

    Hey Jamie! You’re very welcome! I plan on coming down in a couple weeks and would love to take a few more pictures if that’s ok with you:) I told Cree to pick a Saturday in June. I’m busy up here too, but doing well. Can’t ask for more than that–love you all!

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