An Important Statement… Please Read

It has come to our attention that Rickie Allen and others acting at his direction, including Kenny Harlow, continue to publish false and defamatory statements about Legacy Mustang Preservation on Mr. Harlow’s website, on Facebook and via text message. Others have republished Allen/Harlow’s false statements about Legacy and Jamie and Craig Dodson. We categorically deny and absolutely reject Allen and Harlow’s false accusations. We choose not to dignify Allen and Harlow’s actions. On October 1, 2016, Mr. Allen confiscated 175 equids and 2 steers that were in Legacy’s rightful possession. Allen padlocked the gates, tore down Legacy’s banners, and banned Legacy from the Sanctuaries where the equids and steers were kept. As a result of Allen’s conduct, Legacy took legal action against Allen and others on October 21, 2016, by filing a 35-page Complaint in the Circuit Court for Albemarle County, asserting claims for civil conspiracy, tortious interference with contract, breach of fiduciary duty, conversion of personal property, and trespass to chattels. Legacy and Jamie Dodson have also sued Allen for defamation and insulting words as a result of the many slanderous statements that were made by Allen, and that Allen, Harlow and others are republishing to this very day. We trust in the Law. We intend to prosecute our claims in the Court of Law and not via social media. We deeply regret that Allen and Harlow have chosen to circulate falsehoods about us. We are confident not only that the Albemarle Jury will award damages for the substantial injuries we suffered, but that they Jury will send a very strong message to Allen and Harlow in the form of punitive damages.

Between 2012, when we founded Legacy, and October 2016, we successfully operated Legacy. We built numerous wonderful relationships with the Bureau of Land Management, with equid owners in the United States and Canada, with the Town of Scottsville, with industry professionals and our partners in preservation, with print media, and with numerous children and families. We worked tirelessly to care for the equids in our possession, actively promoted the preservation and sponsorship of the Mustang breed, and executed upon a business plan that included a community outreach program to benefit children with autism and other special needs, Veterans, and many many others who share our passion for preservation and love of horses. Allen has destroyed our business. He and Harlow seek to permanently injure our reputation.

Our Facebook is devoted to our mission: to provide a nurturing Sanctuary for the American Mustang and to promote the understanding, appreciation and adoption of this American breed. Our Facebook will not be used to discuss the litigation against Allen or as a soapbox for the dissemination of hurtful falsehoods. We invite and encourage any and everyone interested in Legacy’s mission to visit our Facebook. We respectfully request, however, that you refrain from publishing or republishing any derogatory statements on Legacy’s Facebook. If you have questions, comments, etc., about Legacy, we invite you to contact Jamie’s email – Jamie is happy to answer any of your questions. Finally, from the bottom of our hearts we wish to thank our sponsors, our volunteers, and our many friends and family who shared in the great things we accomplished over the years.

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